Noel Barnhurst is known as a master of light and shadow in food
photography. Using only natural light and a fine-tuned sense of composition,
he is able to communicate the emotional power of food through his images.

Agencies, designers and food companies turn to Noel for packaging,
advertising, online and editorial images. He brings creative ideas to life on
time and in a calm and collaborative way.

In the words of one client:

“Noel is a true artist. A visionary. He takes a creative problem and immerses
himself in it until he has solved it to his own exceptionally high standards.
His passion for what he does is part of him.

Noel listens to his clients and he knows how to work with and talk to clients
and artists of all styles. That in itself is an art.

He has created a wonderful atmosphere at his studio. He draws in the most
talented and attentive staff and the respect they have for him is genuine and
inspiring. The food stylists are incredible artists and delightful collaborators.
His assistants are quick and in sync with his every thought and need. They’re
a well-oiled machine, with a unified vision for what they do.

The best work I get from Noel and his team is when I let them go and trust
them to insert their vision into my concept, letting artists be artists and in
charge of their craft. I love it when Noel says “let me try ONE MORE
THING, Kate.” That’s when he nails it.

– Kate Coslett, Senior Design Manager, Danone

Haagen-Dazs, Williams-Sonoma, Alaska Seafood, Nestle, DelMonte Foods, Iam’s, Newman’s Own, Heinz, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Avocados From Mexico, Lamb Weston, Danone, Horizon Milk, Kikkoman, French’s, Kashi, Reynold’s Wrap, Taco Bell, Frito Lay, Tyson, Nescafe, CA Almond Board, Betty Crocker, Fancy Feast, Silk, SoDelicious, Dreyer’s
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