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Bill Cahill has taken the concept of making a splash with his work quite literally. As a highly specialized tabletop photographer, he has the technical and conceptual expertise required to create tabletop imagery that is as dynamic as it is graceful. Bill learned the art of liquid and tabletop photography from the best. Upon graduation from the prestigious Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Bill spent seven years assisting the top splash and pour photographers in the country, where he uncovered the the technical processes required to create compelling images of liquids in motion. He furthered the art of splash and pour photography by developing new techniques and strategies that have been favored by commercial clients and publishers alike. He is also a guest lecturer at Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara.

Maker's Mark, Henry's, Jose Cuervo, Sonos, Gillette, Accenture, Kellogs, Samsung, MillerCoors, Peet's Coffee
72andSunny, Mekanism, Colle McVoy, Doe Anderson, TBWA, R/GA, Deutsch, Cutwater, Integer, Strawberry Frog, Leo Burnett, Vitro
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